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2012 - Issue 2 2012 Issue 2

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Rosemary Flynn
Rosemary Flynn
Clinical Psychologist

Teens and Diabetes is a new book currently being written. Selected chapters will be posted here (see below) for public viewing. Rosemary would love to hear your comments, stories and ideas in response to these postings. If there are other topics or emotions you would like to hear about or discuss, please contact her via our Webmaster.

The emotions of children with diabetes

The Emotions of Children with Diabetes - A Guide to coping with the Emotional Ups & Downs of Children with Diabetes.

This book is available from:

  • Centre Pharmacy, 81 Central Street, Houghton Estate, Johannesburg at a cost of R150;
  • Direct from the author at a cost of R120 for an autographed copy.

R50 will be added for posting and packaging in South Africa. International shipping rates will be advised on application. To order, click here to send an e-mail request. This must include your name, shipping address and contact details. Banking details will then be provided and the book will be shipped on receipt of payment.