For Healthcare Professionals

Diabetes Management Programme (DMP)

The Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology (Pty) Ltd (CDE) is the first and leading provider of managed care of diabetes in South Africa. We are a Registered Managed Care Organisation with a well-established nationwide Preferred Provider Network (PPN) of “Centres for Diabetes” that deliver a high quality and comprehensive Diabetes Management Programme for the care of diabetes.

The DMP is a comprehensive and all inclusive diabetes treatment programme that is provided to diabetic members of contracted medical aid schemes (insurers).

The objectives of the CDE Diabetes Management Programme are to:

  • achieve and maintain good diabetes control through rational use of targeted lifestyle and drug therapies;
  • reduce hospital admissions for diabetes;
  • improve quality of life for persons with diabetes;
  • focus on wellness and health;
  • reduce the acute and chronic costs associated with diabetes management.

To achieve these objectives, the CDE regards all stakeholders (healthcare providers, Medical Funders, and the patients themselves) as partners and members of the diabetes team. Membership of the CDE Diabetes Management Programme is voluntary and open on application to all persons who have diabetes and who belong to a medical aid that has contracted the services of this Programme.

The principles of good diabetes care are well known, but seldom implemented.

The DMP ensures that all persons with diabetes, who participate in the programme, receive not only the best care possible, from a full team of service providers, but also ensures that persons with diabetes fully understand their condition.

What services are provided?

Each person on the DMP is allowed and encouraged to receive a full basket of consultation services; the following is considered the MINIMUM that any person on the programme should receive per year:

  • Consultations with a doctor, accredited in diabetes care (at least 2 per year)
  • Consultations with a diabetes educator / coach (at least 2 per year)
  • Consultations with a dietitian, knowledgeable in diabetes (at least 1 per year)
  • Consultations with a podiatrist, knowledgeable in the diabetic foot (at least 1 per year)
  • Screening consultation with an ophthalmologist (1 per year)

Secondly, persons on the DMP also receive all of their medication and testing requirements, including:

  • All insulins, and needles
  • All oral hypoglycaemic agents
  • A testing meter
  • All test strips
  • An emergency glucagon hypo-kit where indicated
  • Ketone strips

Thirdly, all persons on the DMP also receive all the necessary blood tests, for effective diabetes management:

  • HbA1c
  • Lipogram (cholesterol and triglycerides)
  • Microalbumin, Potassium, Creatinine and other indicated tests

Finally, all persons on the DMP have access to a 24 hour emergency hotline facility, to assist in diabetes emergency situations.

Who pays for the services?

The CDE is contracted to many medical aid schemes (insurers), who understand that effective diabetes management requires a special programme of care.

Persons with diabetes, who are members of contracted medical aid schemes, can participate as members of the DMP.

To cover the costs of the services, medications, testing strips and laboratory tests provided, the medical aid scheme pays a monthly per patient fee to the CDE (a capitation fee). This is a set fee, and does not vary from month to month. By receiving this fee, this means that members of the DMP do not pay anything for the services they receive. There are no co-pays, and no limits are applied.

For as long as the medical aid scheme pays the monthly per patient fee, the member of the DMP is entitled to receive services via the DMP, at no cost to them.

Who provides the services?

Persons with diabetes on the DMP are assigned to a contracted doctor. Each patient has full choice as to which provider they would like to be assigned to, for their diabetes care.

The CDE “Centres of Excellence” network of is a unique network of accredited doctors and other service providers, who provide diabetes management services to DMP members. Each centre of excellence is headed by an accredited doctor, with a team of allied diabetes service providers.

All service providers are knowledgeable in diabetes care principles, and ongoing audit and performance measurement occurs to ensure highest possible quality of care. Our service providers are knowledgeable and passionate about diabetes care.

How do we measure our success?

There are a number of important parameters that we use to measure success in diabetes care and management. From a patient perspective, these include HbA1c results, other clinical markers, complications, general well-being, and satisfaction with the programme. From a medical aid scheme perspective, overall clinical markers, complication rates, hospitalisation rates and medium to long term cost savings are important parameters of success.

The foundation of our managed care approach is our unique understanding of diabetes care and our genuine appreciation of the person with the condition.