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The CDE “Centres of Excellence” provider network

The concept of a “centre of excellence” implies a group or number of service providers, that operate together to provide a superior basket of services. This is exactly the principle that is applied within the CDE “centres of excellence” network. It is widely acknowledged and accepted that for effective diabetes management, a team approach is required. Typically, an effective diabetes management team consists of:

  • A doctor who understands diabetes care principles
  • A diabetes nurse educator, who provides education, support, coaching and mentoring
  • A dietitian
  • A podiatrist
  • An ophthalmologist (eye specialist)

Other practitioners, like a psychologist, psychiatrist, and biokineticist (exercise specialist), are also often included as important components of a diabetes care team.

The unique CDE “centres of excellence” provider network

The CDE contracts with over 260 doctors countrywide. These accredited doctors form the basis for a “Centre of Excellence” team, which provides services to members of the Diabetes Management Programme.

Each team can be represented diagrammatically as follows:

Provider Network

This Team provides the services of the Diabetes Management programme (DMP) to members of the DMP.

The doctor co-ordinates the care of each patient, and makes referrals to other members of the team according to minimum care guidelines, and as and when appropriate. Information is shared across the team to ensure holistic care, and best possible treatment outcomes. Importantly, treatment decisions are all controlled at a team level, making this possibly one of the only truly doctor-driven managed healthcare models. Monthly capitation fees (per patient fees) are paid to the co-ordinating doctor, who in turn ensures that other team practitioners are reimbursed for services provided.

A national footprint

There are currently over 260 CDE “Centres of Excellence” countrywide, covering all of the major urban areas, as well as many of the smaller towns. For a list of our “centres of excellence” contracted doctors, please click on the province below.

Northern Cape North-West Province Limpopo Mpumalanga Gauteng Free State Kwa-Zulu Natal Eastern Cape Western Cape