Central Office

Our Pharmacy

The CDE Central Office has a registered pharmacy operating on its premises.

The Centre Pharmacy specialises in Diabetes prescriptions and Diabetes front shop, and caters for both private patients as well patients registered on the CDE Diabetes Management Programme.

Pharmacy manager, Mervyn Gomer, says:

"At the Centre Pharmacy, we provide a superior diabetes pharmaceutical dispensing service. Our pharmacists are all highly trained in diabetes management. We also ensure that all of the diabetes front shop products we stock are of high quality. Many front shop products in the market are misleading in terms of what they can do – we only stock products with proven efficacy."

The pharmacy has full "cold chain continuity", meaning that systems and protocols are in place to ensure that all fridge items, like insulin, are always stored at the correct temperature. Fridges are equipped with temperature sensitive alarms, and temperatures are monitored daily.

The Centre Pharmacy hours are:
Monday — Friday
08h30 — 17h00
*Closed on public holidays

The Centre Pharmacy