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Our Biokinetic Centre

The CDE Biokinetic Centre is a fully equipped exercise centre with 14 registered biokineticists. It has a fully equipped Technogym gymnasium, assessment room and rehabilitation studio.

The Biokinetic Centre is headed by Mr. Andrew Heilbrunn, the chief biokineticist, who has many years of experience in the field of exercise therapies in diabetes management.

What is a biokineticist?

A Biokineticist is an exercise therapist. A biokineticist prescribes exercise as a form of treatment or as an additional therapy for cardiovascular and orthopaedic conditions.

Why is exercise important in diabetes?

People with diabetes that are physically active may live longer and have far lower rates of heart disease and stroke. Regular activity, whether it is going to the gym, gardening, shopping or doing your housework, may help reduce high blood glucose levels, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity. Furthermore, it may reduce stress, anxiety and depression and enhance ones quality of life

Regular activity is one of the most important therapies for diabetes. In addition to treating Diabetes, we also treat back, knee and shoulder injuries. Furthermore, we aid in the management of certain neurological conditions.

All people with diabetes should be comprehensively assessed by their doctor or Biokineticist before starting an exercise programme. A safe, enjoyable and thus sustainable exercise routine should then be prescribed.

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The CDE Biokinetic Centre hours are:
Monday — Thursday
05h30 — 19h00
05h30 – 17h30
09h00 – 11h00
*Closed on public holidays