CDE Community

CDE Community

Diabetes is a condition that has a far reaching impact, on both people with diabetes, as well as their community.

Community support for people with diabetes is a vital component of any successful diabetes management strategy, and the CDE encourages all people with diabetes to take active steps to engage their communities and get support whenever possible.

CDE Facebook

Click here to visit the CDE Facebook page. A great place to interact and learn.

Articles of Interest

Worth looking at is the below video clip.

How to Administer a Glucagon Injection (You Tube Video)

As a teacher or parent, have you ever had to assist a child who has Diabetes? The following PDF document will be of interest.

Teachers Training-Diabetes in School Jan 2013

Community Support Groups

CDE Kid's Camps

The CDE, along with YWD, facilitate and run regular camps for young people with diabetes.
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