About CDE

What we do

Diabetes is a complex condition that requires specialised expertise, a team approach, and above all, a committed patient who understands diabetes, and is willing to take the steps to manage their condition.

The CDE is an organisation committed entirely to the above philosophy. We want our patients to be as well as possible, and to remain healthy.

The principles of good diabetes control and management are well known and accepted worldwide. Unfortunately, these principles are often not implemented. At CDE, we implement these principles of good diabetes care.

We train and accredit doctors and other healthcare professionals in diabetes care

It is vital that healthcare professionals involved in diabetes care are fully equipped in terms of knowledge and support, so that the principles of good diabetes care can be applied.

The CDE provides a comprehensive 5-Day advanced course in diabetes care, for healthcare professionals. This course is provided approximately 6-8 times per annum. The course forms the basis for the accreditation of doctors who are part of the CDE “centres of excellence” provider network.

A compulsory national update, the annual "CDE Postgraduate Forum in Diabetes Management" is also provided to meet ongoing training and accreditation requirements.

We run a countrywide diabetes management programme

Since 1995, the CDE has operated the well-known Diabetes Management Programme (DMP). The DMP has contracts with most of the major medical aid schemes (health insurers) in South Africa. Members of these medical aid schemes who have diabetes are able to receive a full basket of diabetes services, at no additional cost.

The DMP has shown phenomenal success over the years, and is considered the premier diabetes management programme in South Africa.

We see private patients too

Our services are also available to those people with diabetes, who are not members of contracted medical aid schemes. Such patients are seen on a fee-for-service basis, and are able to access all services that are available from our Centres.